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Daniel was born in Los Angeles, California, locally accessible to world renowned museums and galleries, whose early experiences prompted his enthusiasm for art.


His family's profession, in landscape architecture, introduced a variety of aesthetics and provided the means to live and vacation in places steeped in history and personal ancestry.


From the isles of the Caribbean to the ports of the Mediterranean, art and heritage saturated his youth with musings of ancient subjects, real and imagined.

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Creatively influenced by temples, cathedrals, castles, shrines, and stately mansions, his art became a vehicle that conjured the monumental. 

Fascinated by symbology and semiotics, Daniel earned his undergrad from CSU Northridge, majoring in Sociocultural Anthropology and minoring in Communication Studies. Unsatisfied, he spent his extracurricular hours studying a whole range of additional topics, from world history and geography, to mythology, mysticism, and fine art. 

Applying his several interests, Daniel became a docent of the Getty Villa, establishing a lifelong bond between youth and the arts of antiquity. Highlighting items curiously hidden, he curated his tours as an exploration of secrets. Featuring series of busts, broken statuary, Athenian vases, architecture and gardens, his museum service reflects most notably in his body of work. 

 Daniel imbues collectors with a vision of luminescence. Inducing feelings of excitement and wonder, he reinvigorates subjects often overlooked, cultivating art that animates and illuminates the spirit of cultural heritage. 

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